Up North Vocal Institute

What Participants Are Saying ...

Thank you to everyone at UNVI for providing me with an amazing summer at UNVI! I have grown so much as a singer and artist, and I would recommend this program to any young singer who wants to get their voice and head together while attending a YAP program. UNVI has provided me with tools and professional role models to help me continue my singing career.
— Daniel Lopez, Tenor
I was able to find the reason why I chose to become a singer. I truly gained more confidence as a performer and was able to fix technical issues. UNVI helped me understand the beauty of singing and the patience it takes to become a developed artist. The faculty at UNVI is truly remarkable – I learned something new and valuable every day.
— Michael Aniolek, Tenor
I want to thank everyone at UNVI for such an excellent opportunity for me as a young singer! I know that being at this program opened so many doors for me as a performer, and I’ve loved every moment spent at UNVI! You have a great program staffed by an amazing faculty – any young singer would be lucky to be a part of UNVI!
— Erik Larsen, Baritone
Thank you to all the UNVI faculty and giving me the opportunity to participate in this amazing summer program! I have learned so much and really grown as a singer and musician. The staff is helpful, knowledgeable and always encouraging. They all have a knack for making you feel comfortable as well as challenged.
— Jenny Schuler, Soprano
I attended UNVI this past summer, and I have to say that in the last couple of months my whole outlook on my career and on who I am as a singer/artist has completely changed. I grew a lot in the span of 4 weeks, and I made relationships and connections that I am so grateful for. The faculty members at UNVI are some of the best and most inspiring instructors and coaches I have ever had the honor of working with.
— Esteban Suero, Tenor